April 2024

Secret Liaison

A woman travels from Los Angeles to Seattle to try to prevent her sister from going to prison for murder. ...
16 Apr
7:00 pm

Bad Son, The

The women in a Seattle serial killer's life often had an unpleasant way of turning up dead - from his girlfriend to his mother-in-law to his second wife. The police and FBI knew who the killer was, but were never prepared to face a bizarre twist in the case-that his own mother was an employee of the Seattle Police Department with access to confidential documents--and was a woman who didn't hesitate to interfere with justice... ...
16 Apr
9:00 pm

Hit And Run

Heather, 30s, is a rising prosecutor. Driven and meticulous, everything in her life is very carefully organized... her work, her condo. Having just gotten a notorious Madoff-type swindler convicted, Heather has become a fixture on the evening news. And, unnoticed by her, she’s being watched by someone. ...
16 Apr
11:00 pm

My Mother’s Future Husband

Fifteen-year-old Headly and her mother, Rene, have more than just a mother/daughter relationship. In the five years since Headly's father died, mother and daughter have become best friends. When Headly experiences her first crush she decides her mother needs some romance in her life as well. So, Headly and her friend Willis devise a scheme to help Rene find love again. After a few misadventures, they introduce Rene to Andrew, a single dad with a four-year-old son--and sparks fly. Through it all, Headly and Rene learn that they must first deal with the pain of the past before they can open their hearts to the possibilities of the future. Ultimately, both mother and daughter find new beginnings and a healing new love. ...
17 Apr
1:00 am
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