September 2023

Love Again

A couple on the brink of divorce decides to keep their marital woes secret as they help their daughter plan her wedding. As the two work together on the happy occasion, they soon discover that their own marriage might just be worth saving. ...
26 Sep
2:00 pm

Secret Summer

Rachel tries to save a small towns library from being turned into a resort and turns to Jake, a writer, for help. ...
26 Sep
4:00 pm

Forever Love

A young couple must convince her tough, hard-nose father of their true love. The film cuts between the 1950’s, where their love blossomed, and present day when their love comes full circle. ...
26 Sep
6:00 pm

Suspect, The

Fenton, California is shocked when local lawyer Paul James, a model citizen and house-father considering to stand in municipal elections, is shot in his instantly torched car in front of his home. His second wife Beth is arrested and charged after cash and the murder weapon, Paul's own gun, are found. Insurance investigator Jerry Calhoun, a former cop, on the case because Paul had a life insurance since three weeks, realizes lazy police detective Rhodes's utter incompetence. When Beth escapes, even step-daughter Robin still reports her to the police. Calhoun however makes sure the truth is discovered starting from blackmail and embezzlement Paul was involved in. ...
26 Sep
8:00 pm

Fatal Memories

Psychological thriller. A woman tries to help her sister remember the events surrounding the fatal stabbing of their mother. ...
27 Sep
4:00 am

God’s Club

After his wife's tragic death, Michael Evans relaunches the Bible Club at the public high school where he teaches. However, several members of the community are opposed to religion in the school. As the battle over the club tears apart the small community, Michael's job, faith, and relationship with his daughter all hang in the balance along with the lives and souls of those involved. ...
27 Sep
12:00 pm
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