Anatomy Of Deception

District Attorney, GENNA KNOWLES, 39, is determined to clean up crime in her city and has gained the respect of her community. But Genna’s good life starts to unravel when she ?nds hidden video cameras in her bedroom and discovers husband ZACH, 42, cheating on her; he moves out, eventually getting custody of daughter KIERA, 13.
The VIDEO STALKER, a killer who stalks his victims using hidden cameras, has Genna in his sights. He orchestrates the release of a sex-tape of Genna and Zach. Genna immediately loses her job and standing in the community.
When intimate video tapes of murder victims are found in her house, Genna is suspected of the murders. She is interrogated by the attractive and determined DETECTIVE ANGELA BRIGGS, 35, who lost her sister to the Video Stalker, and her partner DETECTIVE PRATT, 56. Genna realizes she is being framed and must ?nd a way to ?ght back against the stalker who seems to know her every move.
When Genna’s friend and neighbor, LINDY, 30s, is murdered, Genna believes she was the intended target. She is comforted by neighbor JUSTIN, who is not above suspicion. Things take a turn for the worst when Genna escapes an attack by the stalker. Thinking Justin is the stalker, she loses her cool and attacks him with a kitchen knife. Briggs is forced to put Genna in the Psych Ward until she comes back to her senses.
Justin is arrested for the murders, and Genna believes her life will return to normal. But when Genna unwittingly agrees to meet the real killer, she is taken prisoner. Genna must ?ght for her life and save herself from being the Stalker’s next victim.


Mar 23 2023


6:00 pm

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